How to Get Motivated to Look After Your Wellbeing

In last week’s episode I spoke about the barrier of time when it comes to our wellbeing, and this week I want to look at motivation. Why is it so hard to get motivated to look after ourselves even when we know how good it will be for us?

We’re constantly told that moving our bodies, eating better and mindfulness or meditation is SO good for us, so we should be naturally motivated to do it right? Especially when we’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, or when we need self-care most. But actually, for the majority of us, the opposite is true. In this episode, I look at why that might be and what we can do about it.

Reasons behind a lack of motivation

  • Not finding the things that we enjoy and instead just doing what other people say is good for us
  • Not doing things for the right reasons – again, maybe because someone else has told you it’s good for you
  • Needing accountability and support with the right community or with friends and family
  • Perhaps a deeper issue such as depression, especially if you have consistent low mood or apathy
  • Not being able to get the ball rolling…

Useful Resources to Get Motivated

Want a little more help with motivation? Here are some more useful resources that you can use alongside the below tips from the ABC:

Getting the ball rolling

As promised, here are the extra resources to get the most out some of the tips mentioned that can help you get the ball rolling.

The Two-Minute Trick

Promising yourself that you’ll do something for just two minutes! We have a whole guide on how the two-minute trick works here – and we covered how to use this if motivation is a barrier to eating better here too.

The Anti-Burnout Matrix

Here is the 3-minute video from our Spring challenge last year on how to use The Anti-Burnout Matrix. Remember, you can use this for absolutely anything – from your to-do list through to self-care activities.

Here is the blank template that you can fill in to create your own Anti-Burnout Matrix.

More motivation tips and tricks

Want even more motivational tips and tricks? Check our 14 ways to get motivated to do anything article to find ones that work for you.

Free Personalised Wellbeing Plan

To help with motivation, we’re now offering free personalised wellbeing plans when you join The Anti-Burnout Club! When you sign up, you’ll be sent an email with a quick questionnaire to fill in. One of our team will then put together your personal plan packed with lessons and courses for you to try, plus a 4-week planner to get started.

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