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Get access to 100s of courses, classes, recipes, worksheets and workbooks to improve your wellbeing for just £9.99 per month

Accessing all of the tools you need to improve your physical and mental wellbeing can cost £100s a month. Our mission to make wellbeing more accessible means you’ll get instant access to everything from CBT therapy techniques through to yoga for one affordable monthly price.

Membership is a monthly subscription at £9.99 per month. You can cancel easily at any time from your online dashboard.

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This is what you’ve been told to do to improve your wellbeing in the past…

✘ Get up at 5am so you can go to the gym, read self-development books and drink green juice 😫
✘ Somehow find the time for an hour yoga lesson in amongst a busy work day and home life 😅
✘ Restrict yourself by going on diets that make you hungry and sacrificing sleep for those 5am workouts 😴
✘ Get told that it’s your fault and you should ‘just get on with it’ when these things inevitably don’t work 😢
✘ Feel stuck in a cycle of feeling stressed and putting yourself down for not being able to do it all 🙅‍♀️

This cycle of shame, stress, overwhelm and feeling bad about yourself is not working.
At The Anti-Burnout Club, we take a different approach.

When you join the club that really cares you start to:

✓ Learn the tools and techniques that actually work for YOU (not the ones Sally on Instagram is getting paid to promote) 🙌
✓ Find the time to fit wellbeing into your busy days with bite-sized courses and classes designed with hectic schedules in mind 📅
✓ Prioritise the good stuff – like getting enough sleep, eating food that makes you feel good, and spending time with the people you love 🥰️
✓ Break the cycle of stress and overwhelm so that you feel calmer and more in control of everything🙏
✓ Treat yourself with the kindness and self-compassion you deserve, and be surrounded by a community that lifts you up 😘

When you join The Anti-Burnout Club, you'll get instant access to everything you need to improve your wellbeing:

What our community says about us...

Take a Sneak Peek At What's Inside Our Online Platform...

Meet the Experts...

Bex Spiller, The Founder

A formerly burnt out entrepreneur trying to juggle it all, Bex knows all too well what it’s liked to be overwhelmed. She decided to close down her business and study everything there was to know about stress, burnout and overwhelm (fascinating dinner party topics). She has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Economics of Wellbeing and Organisational Behaviour, has studied Mindfulness and MBSR, won two Health & Wellbeing Awards, and recently become a Fellow of the RSA for her contribution to reducing stress and burnout.

You’ll mostly find Bex leading the themes and challenges, and cheering you on along the way in the community group!

Just some of the many experts we have at The Anti-Burnout Club...

What's coming up at The Anti-Burnout Club...

The A-Z of Our Classes & Courses

✓ Arts, crafts and mindful baking

✓ Breath Work

✓ CBT and other therapy tools and technique

✓ Dance and fitness

✓ EFT (Tapping)

✓ Journaling and journal prompts 

✓ Meditation and Mindfulness

✓ Mindset, Motivation & Productivity

✓ Nutrition and Recipes

✓ Pilates

✓ Sleep stories

✓ Qigong

✓ Ways of life like Hygge and Minimalism

✓ Women’s Health & Menopause

✓ Workbooks, worksheets and planners

✓ Yoga

What’s Included in Your Membership:

✓ 100s of classes, courses and recipes available to access right away on the platform

✓ Access everything on any device – computer, laptop, tablet or phone. PLUS, a new mobile app coming soon!

✓ New classes added every single week 

✓ New courses and themes every single month

✓ Live Q&As and workshops with experts

✓ A gorgeous community that’s ideal for feeling supported, connected and empowered

✓ Opportunities to connect with events (both on Zoom and face-to-face) and in the group

✓ Monthly prizes including Random Acts of Kindness and Member of the Month

✓ Discounts on merch, event tickets, The Anti-Burnout Journal, and from our partners 

✓ Fast and friendly support from the team and from our experts within the group

✓ And so much more…


Joining The Anti-Burnout Club as a monthly member for £9.99 per month means you’ll have access to our entire platform of courses, classes, worksheets and more. You can easily cancel at any time from your profile page if you feel as though our membership isn’t right for you.

We also sometimes sell some of our courses as standalone email courses. This option does not give you access to the platform.

As soon as you join the club you’ll get instant access to our online platform and an invite to join our gorgeous, private Facebook community too! 

If you decide you no longer want to be a member, you can cancel easily from your profile on the platform – no questions asked and no hoops to jump through!

We offer subsidised memberships for anyone who wants to access The Anti-Burnout Club but can’t afford the full monthly membership. There is a waiting list for subsidised memberships (current wait time around 1-2 months) and you can join the waitlist here.

The Anti-Burnout Club is a certified social enterprise on a mission to make wellbeing accessible for all.

We provide free and discounted services to the NHS, schools, keyworkers, and many other groups who need us the most.

Your purchase helps us fund those services!

Absolutely! We can set all your team members up at once and provide a discount depending on the number of participants. Please email bex@theantiburnoutclub.com or see our workplace wellbeing hub for more details.

If there’s anything we haven’t covered here, please email support@theantiburnoutclub.com and we’ll get back to you within 1-2 working days.