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Access dozens of free courses, classes and workshops in everything from financial wellbeing to yoga. Whatever your wellbeing style, we have something for you.

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We know that subscriptions are often more stress than they’re worth! That’s why we’re proud of our ZERO subscription model. We wanted to move away from a system that’s designed to hope you forget you’re paying for something (like that annoying gym membership). 

‘Premium’ options

As a social enterprise, we do still need funds to keep the app up and running of course! To do this, we offer some paid for courses and bundles at affordable rates to help fund our services. You can learn about the different packages and bundles on the app (or click the button below for more).

P.S We don’t ever expect anyone to pay for anything they don’t want, won’t use or can’t afford. You could do something free on the app every day and never run out! 

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Want to share what you’re reading right now? Got a craft project on the go? Need to vent? Wanna share your fave recipes? Whatever you’re into, there’s a group for you! Connect with like-minded people on a similar journey.

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Take part in courses and monthly themes together, to help you stay on track and feel empowered. You’re far more likely to stick to something when surrounded by your tribe!

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