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We believe that there is no one-size fits all approach to wellbeing. Some people love yoga and meditating, other people love fitness and goal-setting. At The Anti-Burnout Club, we provide more experts and practices than any other platform with a tailored plan to help you find what works for you!

We handpick experts from dozens of different topics and wellbeing practices, so you’re always getting the best content from the best in their field.

Turn wellbeing into a habit you'll actually stick to

Habits are hard to form and even harder to stick to! We may start with the best intentions but then life gets in the way and we feel as though we’ve failed.

At The Anti-Burnout Club, we take a gentle, daily approach to your wellbeing that makes it easier to turn into a habit using our daily lesson calendar.

Plus, get a free 4-week plan when you join the club to help you start forming wellness habits that work for you!

Become part of the best community around

So many wellbeing apps are designed to be done in solitutude, which can only make us feel more lonely. At The Anti-Burnout Club, community is at the heart of everything we do. Our private, supportive community group is there to lift you up when you’re feeling down and cheer you on when things are going your way. Sometimes, just someone else saying, “I get it, I hear you,” can help us feel less alone when we’re struggling Plus, as part of the community, you get to decide what comes next! All of our courses and classes are designed based on what our members want to see.

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What makes you guys different to other wellbeing apps and platforms?

We believe that wellbeing should be a necessity, not a luxury! We’re on a mission to remove many of the barriers to better wellbeing such as time, money and personalised support.

The ABC is a community that empowers, supports and motivates in a gentle and self-compassionate way. We provide you with a personal plan to help start your journey and more tools than any other platform so you can find what you love.

Our bite-sized courses and classes are designed with busy schedules in mind so you can turn wellbeing into a habit.

Am I tied into a subscription?

The Anti-Burnout Club is a subscription service that lets you cancel easily at any time. Simply head to ‘My Profile’ to manage your subscription at any time. No jumping through hoops here!

What if I can't afford membership?

We offer subsidised memberships for anyone who wants to access The Anti-Burnout Club but can’t afford the full monthly membership. There is a waiting list for subsidised memberships (current wait time around 1-2 months) and you can join the waitlist here.

When will I get access?

As soon as you join the club you’ll get instant access to our online platform and an invite to join our gorgeous, private Facebook community too! 

How do I get a personal plan?

As soon as you join the club, you’ll receive an email with details of how to get your personal plan! 

Not seen an email? Check spam or email support@theantiburnoutclub.com if it’s not there!

Can I use The ABC for my workplace?

Absolutely! We can set all your team members up at once and provide a discount depending on the number of people in your team. Please see our workplace wellbeing hub for more details.

I have more questions, who do I ask?

Something we haven’t covered? Head to our contact page for more FAQs and details to get in touch.