Nutrition Myth Busting with Anna Mapson

This week I’ve roped in Anna Mapson, one of the nutritional therapists here at The Anti-Burnout Club, for this podcast episode all about nutrition myths. I think in January we tend to get overwhelmed with information about new diets and ‘shedding those Christmas pounds’ so now is the perfect time to think about how we can educate ourselves around nutrition more.

In this episode, we talk about some of the most common nutrition myths why January is the worst time to detox, dieting, quick fixes, and how we can keep nutrition simpler for ourselves.

I also ask Anna if she could only give ONE piece of nutritional advice, what would it be? I learnt so much from this interview and I hope you do too!

Anna has a fantastic nutrition myth buster going up every Monday on the site in January, plus we release new delicious and nutritious recipes every single month. Not already a member? Learn more about membership options and claim your free month here.

You can find out more about Anna and book in a free discovery call with her here.