10 Gorgeous Mindfulness Gifts From Small UK Businesses

Looking for a gift to buy a loved one that will help bring more calm and peace into their lives? We’ve rounded up some of our favourite mindfulness gifts from some amazing small businesses in the UK that are bound to bring a smile to anyone’s face. These are perfect for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, Christmas or even as a ‘just because’ present – the perfect kind of present!

Some of the items on this list are from small companies we work with or are affiliated with, but we only ever recommend products we truly love!

Little Local Boxy – From £9.99

We adore Hannah over at Little Local Boxy, and we collaborate with her for her Wellness Subscription Boxys each month. However, Little Local Boxy also do some amazing one-off boxes if you’re looking to treat someone you love with a mindful present. Some of our personal favourites are The Anti-Burnout Boxy (of course), the Tranquility Boxy and the men’s self-care boxy (searching for mindfulness gifts for him rarely brings up any good options)!

You can also build your own Boxy if you want to pick the goodies that go inside. Hannah from Little Local Boxy puts so much thought into the products for each boxy, with each being from a small UK business with a focus on eco-friendly items, and trees planted for each box. These mindfulness gifts will not only bring joy to whoever receives them, but also for the small businesses being supported too.

Mysa London Yoga Deck – £22

For some people, mindful movement is how they like to bring more mindfulness into their days – and this yoga deck from Mysa London is perfect for that. Created by the gorgeous Puravi Joshi, this deck of 54 cards is made from recycled paper, printed with environmentally soy ink, and £1 from each purchase goes to Papyrus UK; a charity dedicated to the prevention of young suicide.

Check out the Mysa London Yoga Deck here

Diversity is at the core of Mysa London and so this deck is packed with poses from all different types of bodies. It’s one of the most inclusive yoga decks we have ever seen and is ideal for any level of experience. Each card has alignment cues, difficulty levels, and Sanskrit/English posture names as well as help with how to pronounce them. This is the perfect mindful gift for any yoga lover.

The Mindful Morning Mug – £10.95

Grow up Gaby is one of our favourite Etsy sellers ever (the kitchen cupboard is filled with her mugs). This Mindful Morning Mug makes the perfect gift for anyone who wants to bring in a little mindful moment during their morning cuppa. It’s packed full of positive affirmations such as “Focus on the present moment and breathe” and “Trust that you are on the right path.”

If it’s not quite the right fit for you, then look through the rest of Gaby’s gorgeous products because you’re bound to find something you love in her shop. Plus, you’ll be supporting another amazing small UK business which always give us the warm and fuzzies, right?

Personalised Affirmation Candle – From £14

Etsy is one of the best places to find mindfulness gifts in the UK, and so we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to things like candles. However, this affirmation candle from Twenty Two Kisses is a bestseller for a reason! There are plenty of scents to choose from (Marshmallow Roast is amazing) and you can even get it personalised with a message for your loved one.

If you’re not sold on that particular affirmation, then there are plenty of others to pick from. This gift will help light up your loved one’s life (quite literally) and provide a peaceful moment of relaxation that’s ideal for an evening mindful moment.

A Month of Mindfulness Jar – £12.99

Mindfulness jars are such a gorgeous way to bring more mindful moments into each day, and this one makes the perfect, thoughtful gift. Inside the jar, you’ll find 30 mini-activites that will help boost happiness and find peace in your daily life. Your loved one can pick a new mini activity out of the jar each day and focus on building this new happy habit.

The best bit about this gift is that it can be used time and time again. Once the month is over, pop all the bits of paper back in and start again. It’s literally the gift that keeps on giving. You can also personalise this with a gift message too.

Mini Mindful Moments Candle Set – From £6

This is quite possibly one of the most adorable mindfulness gifts on the list! These diddy little candles have been designed to burn down in 20 minutes, acting almost as a timer for your mindful moment. Light the honey-scented candle and then begin your little moment of mindfulness – whether that’s meditation, yoga, or even just bringing your attention to the candle itself.

You’ll need to buy the set to get the brass stand, but then you or your loved one can simply opt for refills which start at £6. This is such an adorable little gift that you’ll probably want to buy one for yourself too (we won’t tell).

Mindful Sewing Kit – From £19.95

Arts and crafts are a gorgeous way to bring more mindfulness into each and every day, so we can see why this mindful sewing kit from Holmemade with Love has proven so popular on Etsy! Suitable for beginners and experienced sewers alike, this kit comes with everything you need to sew two lavender-scented houses.

Once again, this is a mindful gift that just keeps on giving, because once your loved one has finished sewing, they’ll then be able to hang their little house up and enjoy the benefits that come from the lavender scent and the sense of accomplishment that they created something beautiful.

Sourdough Starter Kit – £8.99

If arts and crafts aren’t quite your thing, then how about some mindful baking?! Creating your sourdough starter can take a long, long time, so give your loved one a headstart with this kit. It comes with everything you need to bake your own sourdough in just four days.

You can pick from white or wholemeal, and the kit comes with instructions to help you try out this ancient baking technique. Buy this for a friend and then invite yourself over some some freshly baked bread in a few days!

The Anti-Burnout Journal – £19.99

Okay, so we couldn’t not include our very own journal in a list of mindfulness gifts could we?! This 12-week guided journal has a new lesson each week that includes an online course to combine pen and paper with the digital world. It’s undated so you can start at any time and has planner pages to help you focus on your priorities each day, set your intentions, build habits and practice gratitude.

The Anti-Burnout Journal is available around the world from most of your favourite places to buy books (including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, WhSmiths, etc). If you buy direct from us, then you’ll also receive a gorgeous gift box that makes it the ideal mindful present to give to a loved one.

LSW Mind Cards – £9.99

We all love the LSW Mind Cards at The Anti-Burnout Club. They’re often sent as part of our Random Acts of Kindness and we stock them in our own shop too! LSW Mind Cards are a set of 45 cards covering five different categories, including Kindness, Ritual, Gratitude, Journal and Reflection. Each day you simply pick a card and follow the prompt making them ideal for adding little mindful moments into your daily routine.

LSW have also expanded to create mind cards specifically for children and for new mums, so you can find the right set of cards for whoever you’re buying a mindfulness gift for. Theyre beautifully boxed and make the ideal gift for under £10 or as part of a mindfulness box (you can add them to your Little Local Boxy too)!

Whether you looking for mindfulness gifts for her, for him, for a loved one or for yourself, there’s plenty to choose from on this list – and they all have something a little bit different about them too! Plus, by buying one of these you’ll be supporting small UK businesses which is one of the best acts of kindness out there! Enjoy.