Anna Mapson

Registered Nutritional Therapist

Anna is a Registered Nutritional Therapist mBANT CNHC with a big focus on overall gut health and conditions such as IBS.

When we feel stressed, anxious or just not ourselves, it can have a huge impact on our gut health – and vice versa! Anna makes an excellent addition to The ABC line-up for that exact reason!

Anna, who runs her own business in Bristol, loves being a nutritionist because:

“It’s so rewarding helping people get over ill health and turn around their lives. It’s amazing to be part of supporting someone’s health.”

She also totally gets the ethos of The Anti-Burnout Club and how we’re aiming to bring together every single aspect of wellness in one helpful hub. In fact, that’s the whole reason she wanted to become a teacher here:

“I love the way it’s multi-disciplinary and supports people in a holistic way.”

Anna has some amazing mini courses and lessons on The Anti-Burnout Club including nutrition for menopause, for sleep, and myth busters.

You can also book in a free 30-minute discovery call with nutritional therapist Anna to discuss how nutritional therapy can support your health, especially around digestion, gut health and stress right here.