Introducing Toma

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Meet Toma!

Toma is another one of The Anti-Burnout Club’s yoga teachers and her positivity is infectious! Based in London, she has been teaching yoga for six years and has plenty of experience in the corporate world of hustle and burnout before that. In fact, it was this experience that drew her to becoming a teacher, as she explained to me:

I love the whole anti-hustle/burnout concept and idea behind it. Being part of an online community that supports you and encourages you is very inspiring and exciting. I can’t wait to share this journey with everyone who joins.

Toma has taught around the world, including retreats in Mexico and even at festivals (which she admits is one heck of an experience). She specialises in creating sessions that are a mixture of styles, from relaxing deep long held stretches to release tension and stored emotions in the body, to strong, creative fun flows and movement with breath. Everyone who has had a session with Toma says they get so much out of the combination of styles and, having done a few of my videos myself, I can see why!

Toma got into yoga because she fell in love with the way it can change your life, perspective and body, as well as the philosophy and spirituality behind it. Her favourite style is Vinyasa Flow and when asked why she loves teaching yoga so much she said:

I love teaching yoga because I am passionate to help people reconnect to themselves. Help them to cultivate a positive mindset, as well as feel strong & good in their body. Adding everything together, helps people lead a happier more fulfilled life.

Toma is going to be doing some quick evening/after-work sessions for when you’ve been stuck in a chair all day, along with some of her famous, longer combination sessions. She will also be recording a few meditations on top of this!

I’ll finish off with Toma’s favourite quote, which is now a new favourite of mine, too:

Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion. Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.


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