Introducing Charlie

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Meet Charlie!

Dr. Charlie Moult is one-of-a-kind and I feel so privileged that she will be a part of The Anti-Burnout Club, teaching you guys breath work! Especially when her services are already in such high demand; she’s a breath work coach for Google amongst many other things. However, Charlie said that she wanted to teach at The Anti-Burnout Club because:

It’s so needed! It provides a toolkit in a really practical, applicable way.

Charlie really understands what we’re trying to achieve and her skills are a perfect match for the ABC way. She has been a breath work teacher for four years and in that time has coached countless clients through a variety of different techniques. Her favourite types include breath work for transformation and emotional release; and she wants to help you turn your breath into your superpower!

Don’t worry if you’re not 100% sure what breath work is or how it can help, as Charlie will show you the ropes. She truly believes it can change people’s lives after she had her own life-changing experience on a retreat and fell in love with the practice.

I’ll leave you with Charlie’s favourite quote, which sums up her and her infectious positive energy perfectly:

Make every person loved, seen and heard

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