Introducing Andrew

Meet Andrew!

The first time I spoke to Andrew Johnson, I admitted I was a little bit star struck. I had been listening to his meditation tracks for a long time and so I felt incredibly honoured when he agreed to become a teacher at The Anti-Burnout Club. Andrew, based in Edinburgh, has been teaching meditation for a whopping 25 years and has over 15 million downloads and streams to his name. When I asked him why he wanted to get involved, he said:

I believe the world needs more people meditating. The more we change how we feel about ourselves and our world, the more the world will benefit.

I couldn’t agree more! Andrew Johnson (or AJ) admits that meditating made such a difference to his own life and so now he loves teaching to watch the transformations in other people. I can personally vouch for the transformation, considering Andrew’s meditations have made such a huge impact on my own life.

I just know you’re going to love his soothing voice and his no-nonsense attitude. When I asked Andrew for his favourite quote, he quipped back with:

“The truth will set you free, but first it will p*ss you off”

I truly believe you’re going to get a lot out of Andrew’s meditation tracks and he’s going to kick us off by teaching the art of relaxation in a series called ‘How to Relax’ – something we could all probably do with a little more of.

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