Introducing Bex

Meet Bex!

Helllooo, I’m Bex Spiller and I’m the founder of The Anti-Burnout Club – but I’m also going to be one of your teachers! I founded ABC because I was fed up of wearing burnout as a badge of honour. I wanted to be successful, but I didn’t really know what success meant to me… I just thought it meant working 12 hour days running my international content agency, and not much else.

Recently, I realised that success to me was about balance. Being able to create my dream life where I didn’t need to feel ill and tired all the time, doing the things I love to do, and having the time to do it all. That’s what I’m going to be teaching you. My lessons will be based around productivity, motivation and focus, so that you can clear time in your schedule to do the things you really WANT to do – and not just the things you feel you NEED to do.

On top of this, I am an MBA student at Warwick Business School specialising in Economics of Well-being, have undertaken the gold-standard Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction diploma, am accredited as a Mindfulness Practitioner by The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology and am awaiting accreditation from the ACCPH for completing my Mindfulness Level 3 diploma. I want to know everything there is about finding balance and take you on this journey with me!

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