Introducing Becky

Meet Becky!

Meet one of your yoga teachers, Becky, who I fell in love with the moment we met! Becky is so full of positive vibes, she’s like a sunbeam and I just know you’re all going to adore her too. Becky teaches fitness and yoga in Cheshire, and has been in the business for 13 years. However, it was a bad experience with her first yoga class that led to her deciding to embark on her YTT (Yoga Teacher Training). She admits:

I’d always been really sceptical of the practice and chose other classes to teach instead. I’d never considered mindfulness and underestimated the power of the yoga.

So with a new found love of yoga, and with a passion for making the practice more inclusive, Becky has been teaching yoga for three years now. She explained to me that embarking on her yoga journey was the best decision of her life and it drives her to introduce, guide and teach students on their own yoga journey now too.

Becky loves to teach different styles of yoga, including Hatha Vinyasa & Yin, but she also loves Mandala & Vinyasa for her own personal practice. When I asked her what she loves about teaching yoga the most, she said:

I love to teach yoga because it’s utterly life-changing, the development mentally & physically is real and the practice is suitable for everybody as long as you are open-minded and willing to take each class at a time.

Becky is going to kick off her first set of classes with some quick morning yoga – ideal for when you want to stretch first thing. She also has some longer routines and is going to be recording some meditation sessions for you too. She explained that she wanted to teach The Anti-Burnout Club members because she feels so connected with the ethos and hopes that the combination of resources will be the perfect tool to find a peaceful, beautiful life balance.

Finally, she shared her favourite quote with me (which I love):

Yoga does not transform the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees

B.K.S Iyengar

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