Introducing Coz Pilates

Meet Coz!

Corinne (also known as Coz) is the founder of Coz Pilates based in Maidenhead, Berkshire. When I first met her, I knew she’d be the perfect Pilates teacher for The Anti-Burnout Club, as she has SUCH a passion for helping others. Coz herniated a disc in her spine, impacting her S1 nerve and causing agony; she couldn’t move. However, she dedicated the next two and a half years to teaching Pilates (up to 20 hours per week) and is now pain free! When I asked her why she loves teaching Pilates so much – other than the fact it helped cure her own back pain – she said:

I love helping people, finding better movement patterns for individuals and making them feel amazing. Not only helping people work through injuries but helping people to understand their own bodies, know what they should be feeling and where. 

Coz loves all types of Pilates including mat, reformer, bench, Wunda chair and MOTR, and enjoys the variety that comes from teaching all the different variations. To start with, her lessons on The Anti-Burnout Club will be focused on the mat, so no equipment will be necessary. However, as you deepen you practice, it may be that she brings in some equipment further down the line! As someone who is new to Pilates myself, I love the fact that Coz is going to take us all through it slowly and I can’t wait to learn from her.

When I asked Coz why she wanted to become part of The Anti-Burnout Club, she said:

I think ABC is a fantastic community to encourage and help people so to be able to bring Pilates into the mix as one tool to do this is brilliant and I feel very honoured to be able to teach it for the community.

I feel very honoured to have Coz on board and I just know you are all going to love her and her methods. Like I said, she has a real passion for helping people so once the community opens its doors, don’t be afraid to ask her anything. She’d love to ensure you’re getting the technique just right and so the live sessions and Q&As will be perfect for this.

Finally, I asked Coz for one of her favourite quotes and while she sent me over a couple, I couldn’t not end with this…

“You are only as old as your spine” Mr Pilates, said. This quote is brilliant as again it is so true. Keeping Pilates fit and ensuring your spine is free to move in all planes happily can ensure you maintain a youthful body.

Coz’s first lessons will be in the fundamentals of Pilates, a quick warm-up for your spine and abdominals, and some slightly longer sessions based on different areas of the body (spine, abs, glutes, and so on). Whether you’re brand new to Pilates – like me – or want to learn some new techniques, then you’ll love Coz!

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