Introducing Anna

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Meet Anna!

What we eat plays a big part in how we feel, which is why we’ve brought in not one but TWO nutritionists to The Anti-Burnout Club. First up, we have Anna who is a Registered Nutritional Therapist mBANT CNHC with a big focus on overall gut health and conditions such as IBS.

When we feel stressed, anxious or just not ourselves, it can have a huge impact on our gut health – and vice versa! I thought Anna would make an excellent addition to The ABC line-up for that exact reason!

Anna, who runs her own business in Bristol, loves being a nutritionist because:

It’s so rewarding helping people get over ill health and turn around their lives, it’s amazing to be part of supporting someone’s health. 

She also totally gets the ethos of The Anti-Burnout Club and how we’re aiming to bring together every single aspect of wellness in one helpful hub. In fact, that’s the whole reason she wanted to become a teacher here:

I love the way it’s multi-disciplinary and supports people in a holistic way. 

I’m excited to learn everything Anna has to teach us in her lessons, as well as seeing all of her recipes that can help with things like better sleep, better gut health, and improving our well-being overall. I’ll leave you with Anna’s favourite quote (and one the ABC’ers know all too well)…

One step at a time 

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