23 Positive Sleep Affirmations to Help You Have the Best Night’s Sleep

Getting enough sleep is so important, but many of us struggle when our heads finally hit the pillow. This is usually when our brains kick into overdrive and we think about all of the things we need to do tomorrow or all the things we did that day. It can be hard to just switch off and get a deep, restful sleep. However, sleep affirmations can help you both fall asleep and let go of any negative thoughts that might be stopping us from getting peace.

The Power of Positive Affirmations

When we get stuck in negative thought patterns, it can be hard to break the cycle. We may constantly tell ourselves that we’re not good enough or that we’re a failure, and this can be even more prevalent before we fall asleep when our brains are trying to relax. 

However, positive affirmations can help break that cycle by changing the negative inner monologue into something far better for us. They help us let go of negative thoughts, feel more peaceful, and free ourselves from any nagging worries. 

How to Use Sleep Affirmations to Fall Asleep

Some of the most powerful times to use positive affirmations are when we wake up in the morning and before we go to bed. These are the times when we can generally find ourselves ruminating or stressed about the past or future. 

To ensure you get the best out of these positive affirmations, try saying them to yourself every night. When you get into bed, put your phone down (or even in another room) and spend some time on these affirmations instead. Print them out, or copy them into a journal or onto a piece of paper that you can keep by the bed so you don’t need to be distracted by your phone when saying them to yourself at night.

Woman not being able to sleep on bed - Positive sleep affirmations can help

Positive Sleep Affirmations to Help Us Drift Off 

These affirmations are perfect for those who struggle to get to sleep in the first instance. Remember, keep that phone out of the way and focus on these instead!

“My body feels heavy, relaxed and ready for sleep.”

“I give myself permission to drift off to sleep.”

“I am safe and comfortable in my bed, I can relax completely.”

“There is nothing that I need to do to drift off to sleep, I simply can let it happen.”

“Sleep is the key to my success. I will let my body drift off and enjoy feeling rested and recharged tomorrow.”

“Sleep is the best way to look after my body and mind. As I drift off to sleep, I will be thankful for my body and mind and nourish it with the rest it needs.”

“There is nothing else that I need to focus my energy and attention on today. I have done all that I could and I am proud of myself. Tomorrow is a fresh start.”

“I am safe, I am loved, I am enough. I can relax right now and enjoy my rest.”

Positive Sleep Affirmations For Deep Sleep

If you usually fall asleep fine, but struggle to stay in a deep and peaceful state throughout the night, then these affirmations should help.

“I embrace a deep sleep and a peaceful slumber.”

“I give myself permission to sleep deeply and peacefully, letting go of any thoughts until tomorrow.”

“My eyes and head feel heavy, I welcome the deep sleep my body needs to rest and recharge.”

“Falling asleep comes easy to me. I enjoy every night that my body gets the deep sleep and peace that it needs.”

“I feel myself sinking into the bed. I feel my feet, my legs, my torso, my arms, my neck, my head, all sinking deeply into the bed.”

Positive Sleep Affirmations to Stop Negative Thought Patterns

Falling asleep may be more difficult if you’re ruminating, anxious or feeling overwhelmed. These affirmations are perfect at bedtime to help us let go, forgive, and enjoy peace in our life going forward.

“I am thankful for today. I am thankful that I did my best and now feel calm and at peace.”

“I let go of all responsibilities and worries for the day.”

“I let go of anything that doesn’t serve me today. I focus only on this present moment and the restful sleep that awaits me.”

“I am at peace with the way my day went. I let go of anything that is out of my control. There is nothing left to do today but rest.”

“Whatever is on my to-do list or taking up space in my mind can wait for tomorrow.”

“I give myself permission to do nothing, to let sleep wash over me, and enjoy peace tonight.”

“I am grateful for everything that has been today. I am grateful for my bed and the sleep that is to come.”

“I choose peace and relaxation, over stress and worry.”

“I am proud of everything I have achieved today. I am amazing and I deserve this sleep.”

“Sleep is powerful for me. It can help reduce my anxieties, fears and overwhelm. When I wake up, I’ll wake up rested and ready for another day.”

Woman stretching after a good night's sleep.

Creating Your Own Sleep Affirmation

Of course, these are all just examples of sleep affirmations that we use. You could also put together your own affirmations or mantras using a combination of the above. Ensure that you create an affirmation that’s positive, relevant, and that you truly believe. You can release, forgive, relax, and rest easier with an affirmation that feels natural for you.

Remember, it’s important to repeat your affirmations every night. The more you repeat them, the more you’ll truly believe them and be able to switch off any negative inner-monologue. Our aim is to break the cycle and focus on being mindful and positive instead. The more you repeat these, the easier they will get.

Other Techniques to Help with Sleep

Affirmations can be extremely powerful to help us get to sleep, enjoy deep sleep, and reduce any worries or anxieties. However, you may also want to consider other self-care activities to fit into your bedtime routine such as:

  • Meditation – Spending 5-10 minutes before bed practising meditation can help us unwind and enjoy a deeper sleep. Some people even find they fall asleep during meditation!
  • Sleep Stories – There’s a reason these have risen in popularity recently! We have our favourite Andrew Johnson reading sleep stories in our member’s area, and they’re extremely effective for helping us fall asleep.
  • Calming, evening yoga – A gentle evening flow with a short meditation at the end can help our bodies relax and shut down. Try some mindful stretching to start.
  • Breath work – Our breath work teacher Charlie has an incredible session for sleep, which is one of our most-watched lessons on the site!
  • Gratitude – Many of these affirmations include a form of gratitude to your mind, body and yourself in general. However, try naming three things you’re grateful for before bed to help end the night on a positive note.
  • Journaling – A lot of people love to journal before bed, as it helps empty their minds before a restful night’s sleep.
  • Brain Dumping – Alongside this, many people find brain dumping before bed extremely powerful too. It helps untangle anything in our heads and get it all out on paper.
  • Reading – Reading something light and positive before bed can help us drift off, and ensures we spend a little bit of our day away from our phones.
  • Or one of these 55 self-care activities! – We have a whole list of self-care techniques you may want to try adding into your bedtime routine. Each one is just a few minutes long and plenty can help you unwind.

Try mixing and matching various self-care activities with a range of affirmations to ensure the best night’s sleep. Remember to make this a part of your routine, as the repetition will help prepare your mind and body for the deep, peaceful slumber that’s to come. Sweet dreams!

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