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As a social enterprise, our mission is to ensure everyone has access to the right knowledge, tools and techniques to reduce stress and burnout, and improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Here you will find all of our free resources including:

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We keep this hub updated as often as possible, but please do get in touch if there’s anything you’d like to see.

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Articles and Guides

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Free Challenges, Workshops and More

Free 30-day challenge

Want to start tackling stress and overwhelm but not sure where to start? Let us send you a tailored stress-busting challenge for free! There are two possible 30-day challenges depending on your quiz answers and each one is packed full of helpful tips and to-dos that will help you tackle stress and overwhelm.

Free Burnout Workshop + Workbook

Free burnout workshop and workbook to identify what stress looks like for you and your triggers.Put together a toolbox of strategies for when you’re feeling stressed. And finally, create a schedule to start fitting in wellbeing whenever works for you.

Free Burnout Symptoms Test

Are you worried that you might be burning out? Take our free burnout symptoms test to see whether you’re at risk of burnout. This burnout quiz takes just a few minutes and covers some of the most common burnout symptoms we see here at The Anti-Burnout Club.

Workplace Wellbeing Hub​

Want to improve the wellbeing of your team? Our workplace wellbeing hub is packed full of useful resources and guides, as well as a free workplace wellbeing pack that you can download and use. We also have dedicated spaces for charities, NHS and healthcare, and schools. 

The Five Foundations of Wellness

Learn more about our evidence-based framework that drives everything we do at The Anti-Burnout Club. PLUS take our free five-days to better wellbeing email challenge covering each of the five foundations.


Mental Health and Mindfulness Playlist

Here are some previous Q&As with mental health practitioners, mindful moments, breath work, and more.


A recorded live Q&A for The Anti-Burnout Club members on mental health, mindset and motivation. We thought that there were many topics here that lots of people may be struggling with right now, so decided to turn this into a public resource.

Movement Playlist

These movement videos are generally previous live classes, although there are some on-demand classes in there too!


A previous Thursday evening 30 minute Live Yoga with Toma. Todays class will focus on connecting to your inner warrior. The session will transition through different warrior poses to ignite your power and strength not only physically but energetically.