Introducing Rachael

Meet Rachael!

Being able to support our members in more than just general self-care is a huge goal of The Anti-Burnout Club, and our two new teachers are just the beginning of how we’ll achieve this! Earlier, we introduced Gemma (read her post here) and now I want to introduce you to Rachael…

Rachael is a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist (CBP) based in Doncaster, who has worked in health and social care for around 15 years. She has experience in hospitals, in the community, and in IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) through the NHS with services such as IESO which provides online CBT. When I asked her why she wanted to become a CBP, she said:

I love to help others achieve what they might never have imagined they could achieve, due to experiencing problems with low mood or anxiety.

I’m really excited to have Rachael on-board as I know first-hand the positive impact that CBT methods can have for things like depression and anxiety, and this is where her expertise will come in extremely handy. Rachael will be teaching lessons on general coping methods and techniques for these areas, but also focusing on improving overall well-being too. She decided to become part of The Anti-Burnout Club because:

This is a new challenge for me, a step out of my comfort zone (which is always good for you!) and a way to help more people doing what I love to do.

As with all of our therapists and counsellors, the advice Rachael will be giving during lessons, Lives and Q&As will be general advice and nothing personal or 1-to-1 right now. However, we do believe that having expert support in a range of CBT methods and techniques will be extremely beneficial to many of our members.

Finally, Rachael’s favourite quote?

Strive to be the best version of yourself – You can do this.. tell the thoughts that tell you that you can’t, that they are mistaken

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