Introducing Gemma

Meet Gemma!

When I first started The Anti-Burnout Club, I knew that I wanted it to be so much more than “just another yoga and meditation” platform. I wanted us to be able to cover various aspects of mental health and provide real, solid support where we could (and signpost people to access the right support if we couldn’t).

So, I went on the lookout for therapists and counsellors we could bring to the team and this is where Gemma comes in! Gemma has been a counsellor for two and a half years, with her own private practice in Cheltenham and works two days a week for a local charity supporting young people too. When I asked why she loved being a counsellor she said:

I have always been drawn to supporting people and have always felt deep empathy. My degree is in Psychology and Criminology. I wasn’t sure exactly which area would best suit me until I had counselling myself and the lightbulb went off! This is the thing. I love being a counsellor as it is an incredible privilege to be alongside people as they get to know themselves on a deeper level and make incredible changes in their lives. 

Gemma specialises in psychodynamic and person-centered theories, meaning that she is interested in who you are as a person and how you came to be that person. She will be discussing various different topics such as managing emotions and the basics of therapy and counselling, but also advising The ABC as to how we can best support our members with their mental health. Gemma wanted to join us at The Anti-Burnout Club because:

I think it is a fantastic resource and covers so many areas of wellbeing. It is done in an encouraging and supportive way and I love the fact you can pick and choose what works for you. It is exciting to have access to so many skilled practitioners in so many areas.

I love the fact that Gemma is on-board and can help us better support our members or signpost them to the right places to get the support they need. While we won’t be offering personal, 1-to-1 advice at this time, Gemma will be able to answer general questions during her classes, Lives and Q&As.

Finally, Gemma’s favourite quote (and one of mine too)!

“It will be ok in the end. If its not ok, its not the end.” This has kept me going through some difficult times and it has always been ok… in the end.

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