6 Free Mindfulness Activities PDF Download

Mindfulness is a big part of what we do at The Anti-Burnout Club and fits in with Foundation 3: Connection in our Five Foundations of Wellness. Mindfulness can connect us to ourselves, others, and the world around us. However, some people may struggle knowing where to start or how to get mindful without dedicating a lot of time to the practice. In an effort to make self-care more accessible, we’ve put together this free mindfulness activities PDF that you can download to use time and time again.

Did you know, we have plenty of mindfulness activities on our platform and app? Download our free app on iOS or Android.

What Does the Mindfulness Activities PDF Include?

In this 19-page free PDF download, you’ll find six mindfulness activities to take part in. We have included a variation for all skill levels; so whether you’re brand new to mindfulness or consider yourself a pro, there’s an activity here to suit you. We would recommend starting with the first and working your way through all six if you’re brand new to mindfulness. Here’s what is included in our free mindfulness activities download.

1. The Five Senses Mindful Moment

This is a great beginner’s mindfulness technique that enables us to get connected to ourselves, the present moment, and the world around us. The Five Senses technique is great for grounding and for those feeling anxious, too.

2. Body Scan Mindful Moment

This is another beginner’s mindful technique that you may come across often during meditation sessions. In our free mindfulness activities PDF we walk you through each step so that you can practice time and time again.

3. Childlike Wonder Mindful Moment

This fun and inspiring mindfulness technique brings out our inner child and helps us connect with the world around us as if we’re seeing everything for the fist time. Use this to spark joy and excitement with childlike wonder.

4. Emotional Awareness Mindful Moment

In this mindful moment, you’ll connect with your raw emotions. This is an extremely
powerful way to use mindfulness and finding new ways of relating to the emotions
that can so often take over our minds

5. Past, Future, Present Technique

This is an excellent mindfulness technique to learn for everyone – beginners and experts alike! If you find it hard to focus on the present in other mindfulness moments, then this can help anchor your mind once again.

6. Mindful Seeing in Nature

The final technique in our free mindfulness activities PDF takes you to a video/audio that’s best experienced outside. Use this mindful moment to connect to nature unlike ever before. You can also find more of our mindful moments over on our YouTube, including a Standing Tall Visualisation and Breath Work for Sleep.

Each mindful moment also has a page to ‘Pause, Reflect, Journal’ so you can take your mindfulness practice to another level. Simply spend some time after each technique to jot down how it makes you feel. Taking these extra few minutes to journal can really help strengthen your mindfulness practice.

Dowload the Free Mindfulness Activities PDF

You don’t need to enter your email address or share any data to access our free mindfulness activities, simply click the button below to download the PDF. You’re welcome to save it, print it, and share with friends and family. However, please do not try to sell/share as your own or edit it in any way. Thank you in advance!

We hope you enjoy this free mindfulness activities PDF!

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