The Five Foundations of Wellness

Combining the old research (Maslow 1943, 1954) with the new (New Economics Foundation 2011), we have created our very own evidence-based Five Foundations of Wellness. These five foundations drive everything we do at The Anti-Burnout Club; from the experts we collaborate with through to our daily lessons (see more about our classes here).

Below you can find out more about our Five Foundations of Wellness and how we cover each at The Anti-Burnout Club.

Foundation 1: The Basics

Food, water, sleep - As humans, we all need these three things to survive. These are similar to Maslow's Physiological Needs at the bottom of the pyramid. At The Anti-Burnout Club, we talk about the basics A LOT. We also have qualified nutritional therapists and share recipes that make you feel good.

Foundation 2: Physical Health

Looking after our bodies is as important as looking after our minds. We believe people should move in a way that makes them feel good and doesn't feel like punishment.
Our yoga, Pilates, dance, fitness and the occasional kitchen disco can help you do just that.

Foundation 3: Connection

Here we're not just talking about connection with others, but also connection with ourselves and the world around us. From lessons in Mindfulness, Meditation and Breath Work (connecting with ourselves) to our gorgeous community (connecting with others), this is an important foundation at The ABC.

Foundation 4: Mental Well-Being

Of course, a big part of what we do at The Anti-Burnout Club focuses on mental well-being as represented by the lotus flower - a symbol of triumphing over obstacles. Our experts in CBT, counselling and other types of therapy can help improve your mental well-being with their lessons and advice.

Foundation 5: Growth

Learning, self-development, growing as a person; this is the fifth and final foundation. We encourage people to learn and grow every day, whether it's learning something new through our lessons or learning more about themselves on their own wellness journey.

Free Five Days to Better Well-Being Course

Want to learn how powerful all five of these foundations can be together? Take our Free Five Days to Better Well-Being Course packed full of lessons for each foundation.