Classes and Schedule

Find out what’s on this month at The Anti-Burnout Club!

Mindful Productivity: 6th-31st March 2023

This month we’ll be overcoming overwhelm and bringing back more balance with Mindful Productivity!

This 4-week course features 16 bite-sized lessons (all 10 minutes or less) to help you learn the tools and techniques to be mindfully productive and less overwhelmed. You’ll learn:

✓ Powerful tools to use for mindful productivity

✓ How to discover your chronotype and use it to make your schedule work for you

✓ The power of ‘flow’ and how to use it for work and home life

✓ How to cope with those ‘Big Scary Tasks’ you keep putting off

✓ And, most importantly, how self-compassion can make it easier to get things done


✓ A brand new six-part meditation series with Mike Richards to help you deal with the stresses of work.

✓ Four PDF workbooks to help you put your learnings into practice and create schedules and routines that work for you

✓ A supportive community to help you along the way

Just Some of The Stuff We Do...

At The Anti-Burnout Club, we believe in a well-rounded approach to both physical and mental health. We cover more aspects than most other wellbeing platforms so that you can find the right things that work for you. Here are just some of the different areas we cover.