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Find out what’s happening at The Anti-Burnout Club this month and see the wide range of classes and courses you can take part in as a member.

What's on right now?

Whether you want to move more, sleep better, practice healthy eating or overcome loss – we have something for everyone this month!

We asked our members what they wanted to see at The Anti-Burnout Club in April and have created four brand new mini-courses as chosen by you…

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Take a look at a selection of the wellbeing courses our members have loved most! All of these guided courses can be done at any time and new ones are added every month.

What lights you up?



Yoga, Pilates, Qigong, Fitness & Dance



Meditation, EFT (tapping), breathwork

Therapy Tools

Therapy Tools

Learn tools from therapists for better wellbeing



Lessons and recipes from nutritional therapists



Mindful arts and crafts, & baking



Mindset, motivation, productivity & new skills



Journaling prompts, worksheets and workbooks

The A-Z of the abc

At The Anti-Burnout Club, we believe in an alk-rounded approach to both physical and mental health. We cover more aspects of wellbeing than any other platform so that you can find what you love and do more of it. Here are just some of the different areas we cover:

✓ Arts, crafts and mindful baking

✓ Breath Work

✓ CBT and other therapy tools and technique

✓ Dance and fitness

✓ EFT (Tapping)

✓ Journaling and journal prompts 

✓ Meditation and Mindfulness

✓ Mindset, Motivation & Productivity

✓ Nutrition and Recipes

✓ Pilates

✓ Sleep stories

✓ Qigong

✓ Ways of life like Hygge and Minimalism

✓ Women’s Health & Menopause

✓ Workbooks, worksheets and planners

✓ Yoga