31 Free October Journal Prompts

It’s a new month which means brand new journal prompts for you to enjoy! This month our theme is financial wellbeing and so our free October journal prompts will dig into your thoughts, feelings and emotions around money as well as more general topics too. You can favourite this page or save the copy at the bottom of this page to print off or keep on your computer or phone.

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31 October Journal Prompts

  1. What was September like for me? Give last month a score between 1-10.
  2. What is my biggest goal for October? What do I want to have achieved by the end of this month?
  3. How can I break my big goal for October down into smaller goals? What do these goals look like?
  4. How does this time of the year generally make me feel?
  5. How do I feel about my financial situation right now? What words come to mind when I think about money?
  6. What 3 things am I most grateful for in my life at the moment?
  7. If I had all the money in the world, what would I want to do? Write out your dream life in detail.
  8. What are 5 free things I can do this month that will make me feel happier?
  9. Is there anyone I need to thank this month? How can I do that?
  10. What one thing could I do to improve my financial wellbeing this month?
  11. If October was a song, what song would it be and why?
  12. How can I celebrate a new season? What would make me feel autumnal?
  13. What is the biggest thing that’s holding me back this month? How can I make changes to overcome this?
  14. What does financial freedom look like to me? How will I know when I have achieved that?
  15. When I’m feeling stressed about things in my life, I like to ____
  16. When times are really hard, I know I can reach out to ____
  17. How can I love and give more this month?
  18. What are 5 things I have appreciated the most so far this month?
  19. What one big change in my spending behaviour could help my financial wellbeing right now?
  20. In what areas of my life could I make some improvements? How would I do that?
  21. What is the biggest lesson I have learnt so far this month?
  22. How can I give myself more love and appreciation this month?
  23. How do I talk about money with friends and family? Am I open and honest or do I keep things private? Why?
  24. The next time I feel really overwhelmed with anything, I am going to spend time doing things I love. These include ____
  25. What have been my biggest victories in October? How do they make me feel?
  26. When was the last time I felt like I couldn’t accomplish something? Was I right? What happened?
  27. If I could change just one thing about how the last month has gone, it would be ___
  28. How do I feel my goals have gone this month? Am I happy with my progress?
  29. What resources are available to me if I get worried about my financial wellbeing?
  30. The one thing I’m looking forward to in the next week is ___
  31. If I could sum up October in 3 words it would be ____. Why?

Free October Journal Prompts

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