30 Free September Journal Prompts

Another new month means another set of free journal prompts! September is one of my favourite months of the year, ideal for setting new routines and getting organised. These free September journal prompts will get you thinking about what you want from a new season and help you to set goals for the rest of the year. There’s also a copy you can download, save and/or print at the bottom of this page. If you’re looking for more inspiration to help you with journaling, then check out:

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  • 30 September Journal Prompts

    1. How did I feel last month went for me? Give it a score between 1-10
    2. How can I make September even better than last month? What score do I want to end the month with between 1-10
    3. What are 5 victories I want to celebrate from last month?
    4. What are 5 things I’m excited about for this coming month?
    5. What is my one big goal for the month of September? How am I going to achieve it?
    6. What 5 things can I do to feel happy in September?
    7. What one word sums up the month of September for me? Why?
    8. How can I feel more organised and structured this month? What can I put in place to help me get on top of things?
    9. How can I love and give more this month?
    10. If I could add one new thing to my routine in September, what would it be and why?
    11. What 3 things do I want to accomplish over the next couple of weeks? Why are these important to me?
    12. What area of my life could do with some decluttering? Make a plan to declutter it
    13. What is my favourite thing about autumn? Describe it in detail
    14. Who deserves my love and gratitude right now? How can I show them I care?
    15. What 5 things make me feel most fulfilled in life? How can I do more of these things?
    16. Write down 10 of your favourite stress-busting activities
    17. What time of the day do I feel most productive? Give some examples
    18. What seems to be holding me back this month? How can I overcome these barriers?
    19. What are you most looking forward to for the rest of this year?
    20. What sense do you most associate with September? (Eg, smell, sounds, etc) Why is this?
    21. If September had a soundtrack, what 3 songs would feature on it?
    22. The one thing I wish I knew this time last year is…
    23. What are the 5 biggest lessons I have learnt this month?
    24. Who are the people that have been there for me the most this month? How can I thank them?
    25. How have I loved myself this month?
    26. What one area of my life could I set more boundaries in? What does this look like?
    27. What have been my biggest achievements this month? Why?
    28. What one word sums up how September has gone for you? Why did I choose that word?
    29. If I could change one thing about the last month it would be… Why?
    30. What is the one thing I will do to improve next month?
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    We really hope you enjoy your free September journal prompts! If you want more free resources every Sunday then make sure you join our newsletter. Head to our free resources page to get involved!