Workplace Wellbeing Hub

Workplace Wellbeing Hub

Welcome to The Anti-Burnout Club’s workplace wellbeing hub. Here you’ll find free resources and further details on how The Anti-Burnout Club can help improve your employees’ wellbeing.

We’re really passionate about improving the wellbeing of workplaces across the country (and the world!), ensuring that what we deliver is all-rounded and really does make a difference. We’re not just a ‘box-ticking exercise.’

We work closely with organisations of all sizes and types, including charities, non-profits, education, healthcare, caregiving sectors and many more. We know there’s not a one size fits all approach for your teams and work with you to create something that feels personal to every employee.

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Our Workplace Wellbeing Services

Find something everyone will love with our platform and mobile app

Trying to tailor your wellbeing offerings to everyone in the workplace is no easy feat!

Our online employee wellbeing platform of classes and courses provides more choice than anywhere else – from arts and crafts to yoga – so your team can find what they love and do more of it.

Now available as a mobile app!

Mobile app
Desktop version

Workshops tailored to your team

Whatever your employees are struggling with right now, we can help with our tailored wellbeing workshops.

Whether it’s financial stress, compassion fatigue, finding the time for wellbeing or something else entirely, we create bespoke wellbeing workshops for your team.

So much more than just an Away Day

Our Away Days have been designed to have a lasting impact long after the day is over.

Bring employees together, help them feel connected, and provide them with the tools they need to look after their wellbeing beyond just the day itself.

Workplace Wellbeing Guides & Free Downloads

Workplace Wellbeing Reviews

Reviews of The Anti-Burnout Club from some of the organisations we’ve worked with.