Talks and Workshops

At The Anti-Burnout Club, we provide both face-to-face and virtual talks and workshops for organisations of any size. Browse through our current talk and workshop options or ask for something bespoke!
The Hidden Signs of Burnout and What to Do About Them Right Now

Our flagship workshop which we have delivered to NHS trusts, charities such as Macmillan, and even at The Big Retreat Festival.

This workshop is interactive and encourages an open and honest discussion about the signs and symptoms of burnout.

It also includes a workbook that can be completed after the session.

Total time: 30-45 minutes including time for Q&As

Price: FREE (Limited Spaces)

Compassion Fatigue (AKA Vicarious Trauma)

Compassion fatigue is becoming more common in caregiving roles, but what is it and how can we cope with it?

This 60-minute workshop looks at what compassion fatigue is, the signs and symptoms, and what we can do to combat it – both at home and at work.

Total time: 60 minutes including time for Q&As

Price: From £50

Coping Methods for Anxiety

In this workshop, we look at creating a four-step plan to combat anxiety including: Understanding, Challenging, Experimenting and Letting Go.

This workshop comes with a 30+ page digital workbook that’s packed with extra lessons from our experts. 

Total time: 60 minutes including time for Q&As + 10 videos, 8 worksheets and 2 audios tracks to complement the workshop.

Price: From £80

Build Your Resilience

We have now delivered this workshop to 100s of individuals in all industries and from all walks of life. Much of the teachings have been adapted from Bex’s TEDx talk ‘How to bounce back without burning out.’

This Build Your Resilience workshop includes the importance of resilience plus 10 expert tips to improve this vital skill.

It also includes a workbook that can be completed after the session.

Total time: 90 minutes including time for Q&As

Price: From £80

Managing Workplace Wellbeing

We’ve got our finger on the pulse when it comes to workplace wellbeing, as we’re constantly asking our community: “What do you need from work?”

In this half-day workshop, we’ll cover what your team really want from you to improve their wellbeing and how you can provide that.

This workshop also includes an extended version of our workplace wellbeing pack with useful tools, exercises and questionnaires you can use with your team.

Total time: Around 3 hours including time for Q&As

Price: From £150

Something Bespoke

We are also more than happy to put together a bespoke workshop for your team on pretty much any topic to do with physical and mental wellbeing. Some ideas we’ve had from organisations we’ve worked with include:

  • Financial wellbeing
  • Movement classes (eg, Zoom yoga)
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
  • Mindfulness
  • Whole wellbeing themed weeks/months
  • And more

Get in touch to discuss how we can create something bespoke for you and your team.

Important Information & Booking

Our talks and workshops are suitable for any organisation of any size! We have worked with NHS trusts, charities such as Macmillan, small businesses and larger organisations. Bex has also spoken at Kent Wellness Festival, The Big Retreat Festival and TEDx Warwick.

We are happy to provide either! We know that many people are back in offices now and want more face-to-face interaction, but there are also still many people working from home. Our prices above are for virtual workshops. Face-to-face workshops are priced individually to include travel expenses.

Each workshop is priced individually and this is for a virtual version. If you’d like a face-to-face workshop then please book a one-to-one consultation so we can discuss pricing. Usually, the price is the same as virtual plus expenses.

We can also include extras such as printed workbooks for a small fee.

Public sector and not-for-profits are eligible for subsidised spaces. Please get in touch to find out more.

The free burnout workshop can be booked at any time here.

All other workshops must be booked through email ( or by arranging a free 30-minute consultation and clicking the ‘workshop’ option.

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