Wellbeing Talks & workshops

Whatever your employees are struggling with right now, we can help with our tailored wellbeing workshops. Whether it’s financial stress, compassion fatigue, finding the time for wellbeing or something else entirely, we create bespoke wellbeing workshops for your team.

Whatever your team needs, we've got it covered

The benefits of our wellbeing workshops

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Some of our most popular talks & workshop topics

✓ The Hidden Signs of Burnout and What to Do About Them Right Now

✓ How to Spot and Deal with Compassion Fatigue (AKA Vicarious Trauma)

✓ Coping Methods for Anxiety

✓ Finding the Time for Wellbeing – When You’re Busy Enough as it is!

✓ Turning Self-Care into a Habit and Setting Wellbeing Goals

✓ How to Deal with Financial Stress

✓ Build Your Resilience

✓ Managing Workplace Wellbeing (for HR/Wellbeing Leads)

✓ And so many more…

Workplace Wellbeing Reviews

Reviews of The Anti-Burnout Club from the organisations we’ve worked with.