The Anti-Burnout Club Reviews

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What's the one thing you've learnt by being an ABC member...?

We asked our members, what’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt by being part of the ABC? Here are just some of their responses!

The Anti-Burnout Club Reviews

Here are some of the reviews we’ve received on our TrustPilot and Facebook pages.


I absolutely love the community Bex has created. The lessons are really interesting and helpful. I really enjoy the different themes, each one being as important as the last one! I love that Bex gets specialist experts in to help out, too. Along with the lives that happen multiple times a week it’s great value for money!

Joanne Whitfield

Great resouce, a range of challenges, live sessions, workshops….. People can work through at own speed and ability… Good for the soul x

Donna Taylor

The ABC is an amazing community, well run with lots of resources. Really great value for money. Bex has created something special!


I stumbled upon the Anti burnout club whilst scrolling through facebook. I am so glad I did!

I signed up for February’s challenge and loved it and am now a monthly member.

There are loads of amazing resources available to use. Including Yoga classes, Breathwork classes, Meditation and Pilates. All are easy to access and can be done live or at a later time to suit your lifestyle via video. We have amazing guest speakers who do classes on Cbt, Self esteem, Anxiety and much more…..

You get regular updates, challenges and always a quick response to any questions you may have. The Course creator Bex is amazing, she motivates, listens and encourages every single member. She is a fierce advocate for loving yourself and I have seen my confidence increase as a result of taking part.

There is no pressure to “keep up” or “catch up” like I’ve experienced doing other challenges and the community is lively, supportive & fun!

Claire Corkhill

I discovered the Anti-Burnout Club at a point when I was struggling with stress and anxiety and generally feeling pretty fed up. I signed up for the Overcoming Overwhelm course but thought I’d end up doing a few days and then give up because it was unachievable and too time consuming. I couldn’t have been more wrong!!!
The course was fantastic and the daily lessons introduced bitesized practical techniques that were easy to incorporate into my busy day and many of the techniques I’ve learnt are now becoming daily habits. The yoga, pilates, meditation, breath work and other classes are delivered by some brilliant teachers who all take time to engage with members and answer their questions.
The clubs founder, Bex is a real inspiration and there is a lovely support network through the clubs really friendly Facebook group.
The Anti-Burnout Club is incredible value and since joining I’ve felt a big reduction in my anxiety levels and feel calmer and more in control than I have done for months!

Helen Gotts

ABC is an amazing resource, it’s a safe space, at the helm is the amazing honest and open Bex, she’s building an amazing team around her. Weekly lives, yoga twice a week, CBT, nutritional advice, daily lessons when there is a challenge…. the list goes on and on ūüĎć


Great resource, with lots available to help and support lots of people.


I’m so glad I found the ABC. I initially joined for one of the courses and have now taken up annual membership. My wellbeing and confidence have improved so much since joining.

Sam Collins

The Anti-Burnout Club is amazing, so many wonderful resources well planned and just generally fantastic!

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