Online Yoga Classes

At The Anti-Burnout Club we offer both live and on-demand online yoga classes for all abilities.

Whether you’re brand new to online yoga or have been practising for years, we have a range of yoga classes to suit all styles, abilities and time you have spare!

Read on to find more about our online yoga teachers, the types of online classes, the benefits of yoga, how to get started, some free yoga videos, and more.

Or get instant access to all of our online yoga classes from home, wherever you are in the world, through our online subscription service by hitting ‘Join the Club’ below.

Meet The Teachers

We have two yoga teachers at The Anti-Burnout Club, both bringing different styles of online yoga classes. 

Becky Guest

Yoga instructor Becky teaches our Sunday morning Live (9am) and provides shorter online yoga classes focusing on beginners. Learn more about Becky here.

Toma Janultye-Stankevic

Yoga instructor Toma teaches our Thursday evening Live (6pm) and provides longer flows focusing on beginners-intermediate. Learn more about Toma here.

Types of Online Yoga Class

When it comes to online yoga, we try to ensure we cover all different types, styles and abilities so that you can practice from home no matter where you are on your yoga journey! Some of the types of online yoga classes we provide include:

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is one of the most popular types of yoga in the West, and some of the most popular with our online community too! Generally, this is the type of yoga people practice most often and will expect from a class (either online or face-to-face). Generally, Hatha yoga pairs physical moves and postures (Asanas) with breathing techniques (Pranayama), and is designed to cultivate calm and mind-body connection.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a much slower-paced style where yoga poses are generally held from 3-5 minutes, or in some cases even longer. This quiet and contemplative practice targets the deep connective tissues in our body, especially around the joints. Yin Yoga is also ideal for those with a little more experience as holding some of the poses can be challenging. This type of yoga also encourages a deeper meditation and connection with ourselves.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga, like Hatha, is a general term that can include many different types of yoga. Vinyasa may also be referred to as a yoga flow class, as poses are linked together with the breath in a more creative and flowing sequence. This type of yoga is ideal for those who like a little bit of variety in their classes as now two Vinyasa flows are the same! Vinyasa Yoga can also help stretch and strengthen different parts of the body.

Live Classes

At The Anti-Burnout Club we offer at least two live classes a week, with Becky and Toma. Our live online yoga currently takes place on a Thursday evening at 6pm (UK time) and a Sunday morning at 9am (UK time). Our yoga teachers vary the styles and types of live classes they teach to keep things fresh and interesting. Lives are also saved on the site and within our private online community group (on Facebook) so they can be watched back time and time again.

Yoga Anytime

Not a big fan of live classes or just want more online yoga every week? You can practice yoga anytime with our online platform which has 100s of on-demand classes, courses, recipes and more. Our streaming yoga service means you can tune in at a time that suits you, with new content uploaded every single day. All you need is your yoga mat and membership to our online subscription service (see membership options here).

All Abilities

Whether you’re brand new to yoga or have been practising for years, we aim to cater our online yoga classes for all abilities. Practice at home, wherever you are in the world, with videos from our regular teachers and some guest experts too. Each video explains the type of yoga, the skill level, and whether you need any equipment (most of our online classes simply need a yoga mat). Plus, join our online community to ask our yoga teachers anything!

Benefits of Online Yoga Classes

There are countless benefits to yoga, and even more so with the rise of yoga classes online. Now, people from around the world can take part in this powerful practice from the comfort of their own home. Here are just some of the main benefits you might expect from both yoga in general and a yoga class online:

How to Get Started with Online Yoga

So, you’ve decided that you want to start online yoga classes but where to begin? Even if you’ve practised yoga before, such as in a yoga studio, you may find that yoga classes online are a completely different ball game. Here’s our quickstart gard for those looking to take their first yoga class online:

There are plenty of different types of yoga platforms out there for you to try, so it’s important that you find the right one for you. Perhaps you’d like to stick with free videos on YouTube or maybe you’d like the benefits that come with an online community (such as accountability and support). Do your research and find your new ‘yoga home.’ 

For most people just getting started, you’ll likely only need a yoga mat. However, as you begin to deepen your practice you may find that more equipment is needed such as blocks, bolsters, bricks, and straps. Start off slowly, with just a yoga mat, and then start adding the extras as you progress through the different styles and skill levels of yoga available.

It’s important to find the style of yoga that you enjoy most, so give all of the different types a go – from Hatha through to Yoga Nidra! Each style brings something different and so trying them all will help you discover what you and your body enjoy the most.

When you’re brand new to yoga, it can seem daunting watching a yoga flow and feeling as though you have to learn all the yoga poses. As with any kind of movement, your body needs time to get used to it. When taking part in an online yoga class, don’t be afraid to sit some moves out so that you can simply watch and learn. Sitting on the mat, being present, and soaking it all in will help deepen your practice too!

Want to see how much you’re improving? We always recommend that beginners pick an online yoga class they like and try it over and over again. This way, you’ll be able to see how well your flexibility and strength is improving, and feel more accomplished too. Use one class as your baseline, practice using others, and then come back to the original class to see what improvements have been made!

Free Yoga Videos

In our effort to make self-care more accessible for all, we have a few free yoga videos available on our YouTube channel with both Becky and Toma. 

We believe it’s important that you find a yoga teacher and style that works for you, so consider this a little insight into their teaching styles! 

You can also access free yoga videos for a month (both on-demand and live classes) by signing up for our free trial. Go to the membership page and claim your free month to see whether our online yoga classes are right for you.

Yoga Guides & Articles

FAQs About Our Yoga Classes Online

We cater for all abilities at The Anti-Burnout Club, so we hope that you’ll find something perfect for you even if you’re just getting started!

We don’t recommend online yoga classes for pregnancy (other than specific prenatal classes) and particularly not if you’re brand new to yoga.

We highly recommend that you seek advice from a medical professional before taking part in any new exercise with an injury, including yoga.

The fact that we’re not just a yoga subscription service! We have 100s of lessons and recipes in everything from yoga to CBT therapies – see all of the other areas we cover here.

We have a private, supportive Facebook group that is ideal for motivation, accountability, to ask questions and talk to both the experts and other community members. You’ll be able to access this when you become a member.

We provide a one month free trial to all new members so that they can see everything we offer for themselves! After that, the price is £9.99 a month or £2.99 a month for key workers. This makes us one of the most affordable wellbeing platforms out there! You can learn more about membership options and join the club here.

We have had so many wonderful reviews, both about our online yoga classes and our wellbeing platform in general. Head to the reviews page here to see them!

We have a wonderful Customer and Community Support Team who are more than happy to answer your questions! You can find more FAQs here or get in touch with the team by emailing support@theantiburnoutclub.com