Free Burnout Symptoms Test – Are You Burning Out?

Are you worried that you might be experiencing burnout? Take our free quiz to see whether you’re at risk of burnout. This burnout symptoms test takes just a few minutes and covers some of the most common burnout signs we see here at The Anti-Burnout Club. This burnout quiz is not a replacement for seeing a medical professional about any of your concerns, however. Please always speak to your doctor about any worrying signs and symptoms.

About Our Burnout Symptoms Test

We have put together this free burnout symptoms test using some of the most common symptoms we see time and time again at The Anti-Burnout Club. The typical signs we look for include:

  • Energy levels/fatigue
  • Self-belief
  • Relationships with other people and social circle
  • General health/physical health
  • Your feelings of overwhelm

Your answers are calculated to then give you three potential options: Not at risk of burnout right now, experiencing some signs of burnout, and already burning out. Please note that this burnout test is not designed to replace speaking with a medical professional about your concerns. We always recommend that you speak to your GP or a mental health professional if you’re worried about any burnout signs or symptoms, or if you’re experiencing high levels of stress or exhaustion. This is not a clinical or diagnostic tool and is for information purposes only.

Once you have completed our free burnout symptoms test, you’ll then be able to put in your email to receive our free burnout workshop and workbook. Please note that you do not have to give your email address to see your results if you don’t want to.

What Does Burnout Feel Like?

There are many hidden warning signs that you may be burning out, but it’s important to note that burnout can feel different for everyone. Our burnout quiz tool has been designed to look for some of the most common signs of burnout such as emotional exhaustion, overwhelm, physical health issues, and a breakdown in relationships. 

You may start to feel cynical or suffer from something called compassion fatigue, particularly if you’re in a caregiving career. Burnout can also cause feelings of detachment and loneliness, or cause us to be snappy with the people we love.

You may also feel a lack of creativity and motivation, whether that’s in work or with hobbies. Those who work in creative jobs may find that they struggle to think up new ideas due to ‘creative burnout.’

Coping with Burnout

Burnout can feel isolating and you may struggle to reach out because of this. If you can, we advise that you speak to your GP or to a therapist about stress management techniques that can work for you.

This guide on burnout prevention techniques has 22 different tips and tricks you can try if you’re worried you may be burning out.

If you are concerned about job burnout or feel as though you have no work-life balance, then you may want to read our burnout from work guide.

Please do reach out to someone you trust, such as a friend or family member, or even The ABC community if you are struggling.

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