Download the Free Burnout Workshop and Workbook

I am so pleased you’re here, taking the first steps towards less stress and overwhelm. I have delivered this burnout workshop for 100s of people so far, including at The Big Retreat Festival, for the NHS, and for Macmillan too.

I’m going to walk you through this anti-burnout plan step-by-step so you have all the tools you need to improve your wellbeing – even if you’re short on time. Here’s each step:

  1. Understanding burnout and your own stress triggers
  2. Learn top tips to reduce stress and improve wellbeing using our Five Foundations of Wellness Framework
  3. Create a schedule to start fitting in wellbeing whenever works for you – and have that all-important Plan B!

Don’t have time to watch the workshop below? You can just use the burnout workbook which has been designed to be used either with the workshop or on its own!

By the end of this, I hope you have all the tools you need to start focusing on your own health and wellbeing. 



Founder of The Anti-Burnout Club


Watch the Burnout Workshop

This 30-minute burnout workshop is hosted by Bex Spiller, founder of The Anti-Burnout Club, TEDx speaker, and expert in stress, burnout and resilience. 

In this free burnout workshop, Bex covers:

  • What is burnout? What does it feel like?
  • Some of the hidden warning signs that we may be experiencing burnout
  • How we can use the Five Foundations of Wellness to combat chronic stress
  • Actionable tips to help beat burnout before it takes over
  • How we can find the time for wellbeing when we’re already busy and/or overwhelmed

Bex also provides advice for filling in your Anti-Burnout workbook (which you can download above) to put together a burnout-busting plan going forward.