Finding the Time for Wellbeing in Your Routine

In the latest podcast episode, I address one of the biggest problems most of us face when it comes to wellbeing, “When do I have the time?!” I know that for some people, there really is zero extra time in the day to fit in a yoga class or even have 10 minutes of peace and quiet. For others, there is some spare time in the day lurking somewhere, but where is it? I go through:

  • How we can spot any gaps in our usual daily routine that would be perfect to focus on our wellbeing
  • How to pick the wellbeing activities that will make the most difference for us right now
  • How to tie in self-care alongside other activities we might do on autopilot for when there really is no time free
  • How to turn wellbeing into a habit, even when our minds as resisting!

The extra guides I mention in this episode are here:

Create Your Morning Routine

Create Your Evening Routine

Useful Resources for More Happy Habits and Motivation

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