Welcome to the Club

The Anti-Burnout Club (lovingly known as ABC) is a wellness platform for those who want a holistic approach to their well-being. Our approach to wellness is founded in science and offers compassionate, intuitive, expert-led practices that teach people how to reclaim their sense of wellbeing and happiness.

We believe that everyone can learn to thrive with the right tools and a supportive community.

Our Ethos

Your Membership Includes

Making a Difference Together

The Anti-Burnout Club is on a mission to become a recognised Social Enterprise in the UK in an effort to give back to the community.

We already provide discounted memberships through the Blue Light Card, Benefits Everyone (Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Trust), and NASUWT the teachers’ union.

Over 50% of our current members are burnt out NHS employees…

Your membership helps at least one other person access the help and support at The Anti-Burnout Club.


Frequently Asked Questions

We are a small, UK-based company with a real passion for improving well-being for all.

We are the only platform of its kind that offers everything in one place, and we do so in an expert-led, science-based way.

We work out cheaper than most gym memberships and other well-being platforms, whilst providing more in terms of content and variety too!

Our community is at the heart of what we do, always.

You can join the club by heading to our membership page here. 

We offer monthly membership and keyworker monthly memberships too.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for free trials and special offers too.

Our full FAQs can be found in our support hub right here.

You can also email our customer and community support stars: support@theantiburnoutclub.com if you have any questions we haven’t covered.