Meet the team

Meet our small but mighty team working behind the scenes and our bigger and even mightier range of handpicked experts you might meet at The Anti-Burnout Club.

Bex Spiller
Bex Spiller Founder
Aga Kehinde
Aga Kehinde EFT (Tapping)
Andre Etchebarne
Dr. Andre Etchebarne Counselling Psychologist
Anjali Mehta Chandar
Anjali Mehta Chandar CBT Therapist
Anna Mapson
Anna Mapson Nutritional Therapist
Annabel Deans
Annabel Deans Qigong
Becky Guest
Becky Guest Yoga & Fitness
Charlie Moult
Charlie Moult Breath Work
Coz Hutchinson
Coz Hutchinson Pilates
Ela Law
Ela Law Nutritionist & Intuitive Eating Counsellor
Gemma Curtis
Gemma Curtis Integrative Therapist
Kristy Lomas
Kristy Lomas Meditation
Mike Richards
Mike Richards Meditation
Mo Jammeh
Mo Jammeh Fitness
Pariss Sailsman
Pariss Sailsman Mindset & Self-Belief
Steph Gavart
Steph Gavart Yoga & Meditation
Toma Janulyte
Toma Janulyte Yoga
Zoe McNulty
Zoe McNulty Dance
August Gawen
August Gawen Guest Expert (Minimalism)
Charlotte Dover
Charlotte Dover Guest Expert (Self-Love)
Charlotte Lidstone
Charlotte Lidstone Guest Expert (Financial Wellbeing)
Emily Innes
Emily Innes Guest Expert (Confidence & Style)
Gina Tonic
Gina Tonic Guest Expert (Self-Confidence)
Judi Craddock
Judi Craddock Guest Expert (Body-Confidence)
Jules Allen
Jules Allen Guest Expert (Sober Curiousity)
Keeley Dann
Keeley Dann Guest Expert (Self-Love)
Kim Harrison
Kim Harrison Guest Expert (Mindful Arts & Crafts)
Lesley Waldron
Lesley Waldron Guest Expert (Menopause)
Nina Spencer
Nina Spencer Guest Expert (Mindset)
Rhiannon Abbott
Rhiannon Abbott Guest Expert (Baking)
Sarah Snape
Sarah Snape Guest Expert (Self-Confidence)
Rachel Peru
Rachel Peru Guest Expert (Self-Confidence)
Steph Cormack
Steph Cormack Guest Expert (Intuitive Art)
Siân Pelleschi
Siân Pelleschi Guest Expert (Decluttering)
Timea Carlo
Timea Carlo Guest Expert (Habits & Routines)

Apply to be an expert at The Anti-Burnout Club

We’re always looking for new experts who want to share their knowledge and wellbeing practices with The Anti-Burnout Club community. 

We welcome qualified and acredited experts from all disciplines, including movement, mindfulness, meditation, breath work, different types of therapy and anything you think would work well with our members.

Before you apply, please note some of the things we don’t cover:

  • Diets and weight loss
  • Supplements/CBD
  • Toxic positivity
  • Pushy/hustle culture topics
  • Money manifesting or other similar themes 

If you’d like to apply to teach at The ABC then please fill in the form below.

Please note: We get dozens of applications each week and will only be in touch if/when we may need your expertise!