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Two weeks of stress busting classes and activities to De-Stress this December

29th November – 12th December – lifetime access to all course materials

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Join our two-week challenge to turn the most stressful time of year into one of the most wonderful. Quick bite-sized daily lessons to help you battle common festive stresses including money, food, and family – all for less than a box of Christmas crackers!

It’s the most wonderful stressful time of the year

Does Michael Bublé coming out of hiding each year fill you with dread?

Does Christmas conjure up images of family’s fighting over the Monopoly board?

Does the thought of December and all that comes with it (money, food, relationships) make you feel instantly overwhelmed even if you do love Bublé and Monopoly?!

You are not alone!

Feeling stressed this time of year doesn’t make you a Scrooge, it makes you human! Join 100s of us on a mission to de-stress this December with the brand new challenge from The Anti-Burnout Club.

Join us for two weeks of twice daily bite-sized lessons from experts to help:

Create space for yourself in December

Deal with many of the common stresses this time of year; from family conflict to finances

Get prepared and organised for Christmas

Stay connected with yourself and others in December

Set limits and expectations around Christmas

Plus fun stress-busting activities from baking to yoga

And a whole lot more…


Day by Day Breakdown of Lessons and Activities


29th November

Bex – Intro to course

ABC Founder Bex introduces De-Stress December and what different aspects of stress we generally experience over this time of year.

Ela Law – How to manage food stress over the festive period
Christmas can bring with it a lot of anxiety around food and messages you might be receiving from the media as well as friends and family members. Intuitive eating expert Ela Law helps us get on top of these stresses over the festive period.

30th November

Bex – Creating space to be kind to yourself in December

Bex covers how we often put ourselves down and/or take on too much in December. How we can create space to be kind to ourselves, say no, and be more self compassionate.

Toma – Yoga to De-Stress

A half-hour yoga class with Toma (suitable for beginners) to help us unwind, de-stress and get moving our bodies.

1st December

Bex – Finding little moments to be mindful

How to escape from some of the hustle and bustle of festive stress and take some time to be mindful during it all – even if it’s two minutes in the kitchen whilst basting the turkey!

Charlie – Breath Work for stress

Everyone’s favourite Dr. Charlie Moult will be back with a breath work session to help relieve tension and stress.

2nd December

Bex – Understanding our triggers in December 

What makes us feel stressed? Is it family? Grief? Food? Money? How we can spend some time finding those triggers, being mindful of them, and what we can do if we have to face them.

Gemma – Managing family conflict 

One of the biggest causes of stress for many over the festive season is managing family relationships and conflict. Join integrative counsellor Gemma as she discusses this vital topic.

3rd December

Bex – Planning, prepping and feeling organised 

What little things can we do to feel more on top of things during this time of year? Bex covers some quick tips to help overcome overwhelm and relieve planning stresses.

Nina Spencer – Letting go of expectations over Christmas

Mother of two sets of twins, Nina, wants us to look at our expectations of perfectionism this Christmas, and how we can let them go.

4th December


Festive fun over Zoom! Join us for a two-hour family-friendly quiz and win yourself some prizes.

5th December

Rest and reflect day 

What have we learnt this week? Time and space to rest, reflect and plan the week ahead.

6th December

Bex – Stress-busting activities in December 

From arts and crafts to baking and everything in between, Bex talks about some stress-busting activities we can all use to unwind and be mindful with during this time of year.

Rhiannon – Bakealong (Festive Soda Bread) 

Get your apron on and get baking with Rhiannon! This festive soda bread takes less than an hour and is sure to impress. It’ll feel like our very own GBBO!

7th December

Bex – Staying connected with others/combatting loneliness

What to do to stay connected to others over Christmas (whilst not people pleasing) and what to do if you’re feeling lonely isolated – even if surrounded by people!

Zoe – Lift Up Class/Dance away the winter blues

Get dancing with Zoe from School of Strut with one of her pre-recorded Life Up dance classes to dance away those winter blues.

8th December

Bex – Festive finances 

Bex goes through some tips and tricks to manage festive finances, save money, budget and more. If finances stress you out at Christmas, this is a must-watch.

Kristy – Visualizing Stress as a Storm – A guided meditation to help you through times of stress

In this guided meditation, Kristy will use a combination of conscious breathing & visualization to help us through times of stress.

9th December

Bex – Grief/missing people this time of year

Bex will talk about one of the most difficult parts of the festive season; grief and loss. How can we honour the people we miss at this time of year?

Rach – SAD 

CBT Psychotherapist Rachael discusses a common issue for many; Seasonal Affective Disorder. What is it and what can we do about it?

10th December

Bex – Round up lesson

What have we learnt? Bex brings together everything we have learnt through De-Stress December with a final message.

Steph – Creative Expression Meditation Art 

Steph helps us tap into our own creativity with one final fun lesson! Grab any art materials (pen, paper, paints, whatever you have) and let’s get creative.

11th December

Random Acts of Kindness 

Live Draw of 5 festive Random Acts of Kindness winners!

12th December

Final reflection

Your final reflection day to reflect on the past two weeks.

What is The Anti-Burnout Club?

The ABC is a wellness platform for those sick of hustle mentality. Our approach to wellness is founded in science and offers compassionate, intuitive, expert-led practices that teach people how to reclaim their sense of wellbeing and happiness. We believe that everyone can learn to thrive with the right tools and a supportive community. Read more about us here.

What is an Anti-Burnout Club challenge?

1000s of people have taken at least one of our challenges since January 2021! We run challenges throughout the year (such as our most popular, Overcoming Overwhelm) and you don’t need to be a monthly or yearly member to take part. You can simply pay for the challenge alone and not subscribe to become a monthly member. All challenges are one-off payments and there are no subscriptions. They’re perfect for finding out what ABC life is really like.

How will I access the materials?

All lessons and Live reminders will be sent to you via email every day while the challenge is on. You can go back and do them any time! You can also join our gorgeous, private Facebook community to access all of the lessons and lives there too.

Who is this challenge open to?

Anyone over the age of 18 and located worldwide! We cannot ship workbooks and kits outside of the UK however.

How much will de-stress December be?

You can join the challenge for £4.99 or upgrade for a physical workbook and/or bundle of self-care goodies to save more.

Am I tied into a subscription?

Nope! Challenge members pay a one-off fee to access the challenge and there are no monthly subscriptions. If you want to stay an ABC Member after the challenge and access the 100s of other lessons, courses, challenges and recipes then you can become a monthly member if you’d like.

What if I can’t make the lessons live?

Don’t panic! You’ll be emailed all of the lessons and they will be available for you to watch back at any time.

Where can I read your reviews?

You can see the lovely reviews from just some of our members on TrustPilot – we also share testimonials on our Instagram and Facebook pages too.

What if I have more questions?

You can contact support@theantiburnoutclub.com and our wonderful Customer and Community Support Stars will get back to you ASAP! You can also check out the rest of our FAQs here.


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