Welcome to our new feature test!

Thank you so much for offering to test out a brand new feature coming to the platform on the 1st May! Please read through all the instructions before testing it out!

We want to make your wellbeing journey more pesonal

After over 2 years, we have accumulated a LOT of amazing classes and courses on The ABC and we know that can be overwhelming! We want to make your wellbeing journey less overwhelming and more personal to you. So, we’d like to introduce you to Eva!

Eva is a custom-built chat bot made by us that’s designed to help you find classes and courses based on what you need right now. Please read the instructions below before you dig in to understand what we need to learn from this test.

Instructions - Please Read!

We’re getting ready to launch Eva on the platform where she’ll show up on your:
  • Dashboard
  • Classes and courses pages
  • Your account page
  • She will NOT show up on individual lessons, so she won’t disturb you when you’re in the middle of something!
At the moment, she’s not 100% ready as we’re adding 100s of personalised recommendations to her, so here are the features you can test right now:
  • I’m new, show me around – click here for a walkthrough of everything on the platform. This will only show up the first time you use her.
  • I have an issue – for support and cancellation requests
  • I’m struggling 🙁 – For urgent help required if you’re struggling with your mental health (we provide signposting to organisations that may be able to help – this is not a therapy service)
  • Journal help – if you’re a journal member and want to upgrade or find the journal course
  • Recommend me something – Sleep and gentle movement ONLY at this time. We are adding lessons to all of the other options too!
  • Please note: The 4-week plans will NOT send you an email right now as they’re being built ready for our May theme.
  • You can also get live chat support from myself if the options don’t suit what you need or you require further help.
How to test
  • Click on the chat box in the bottom right to start the chat. Eva should introduce herself and ask your name. She will then remember your name when you return!
  • Play around with the different options. If you get stuck at any point, type in the chat box to alert me which will start live chat support (if I’m online).
  • Come back in 24 hours to see if Eva remembers you! You should see different messages as a returning user.

Custom and safe

One thing that’s really important to us is your safety which is why we have decided NOT to go down the route of AI (Artificial Intelligence) right now. We have built this from scratch and everything you see is our words and our recommendations. Yes, it’s in a ‘bot’ format, but as you can see from the image, everything that it shows you has been written and organised by us. No AI in sight!