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Here are just some of the press, articles, talks and events we have been featured in.

All about burnout – BBC Radio Kent – July 2022

Bex Spiller was invited to speak on BBC Radio Kent all about burnout; what it is, the signs and symptoms, what we can do about it, setting boundaries and so much more.

Available to listen back to for a limited time here.

Is the four-day working week the answer to burnout? How to make it work – Metro – June 2022

Bex Spiller provided some of the pros and cons of the four-day working week, as well as some top tips for employers to ensure that it works for them. Read it here.

Right Up My Podcast interview – June 2022

Bex Spiller spoke to the fabulous Kate and Gwen of Right Up My Podcast whilst at The Big Retreat Festival. We talk about what burnout is, the signs and symptoms, finding the things that bring you joy, learning to say no, and the difference between good and bad stress.

Listen here.

Speaking at The Big Retreat Festival – June 2022

Bex Spiller headed to The Big Retreat Festival to speak at the fantastic Shelf Help Talk Tent in June 2022. Here she gave a workshop on the hidden signs of burnout and how to prevent it – as well as tips and tricks to fit wellbeing into a busy schedule.

Transforming mental health therapy from a privilege to a commodity – Worklife – May 2022

Bex spoke to MaryLou Costa from Worklife about a subject she’s extremely passionate about – privilege. In this article, she talks about what businesses can do to help improve employee wellbeing using tools such as therapy. Read it here.

Building your resilience – Planet Mindful Magazine – May 2022

Bex Spiller wrote a resilience quiz and feature for Planet Mindful magazine, to help people discover how resilient they are and learn the building blocks to become more resilient going forward. In print and summarised online here.

How to stop letting minor setbacks throw you off track – Metro – March 2022

Bex Spiller shared some of her expert tips about what we can do when minor setbacks throw us off track, including the two-minute trick, the ice cube analogy, and how to avoid negative self-talk in this Metro article here.

Setting Intentions 14-page journal – Planet Mindful Magazine – March 2022

Planet Mindful Magazine has included a 14-page setting intentions journal in their March issue, which was adapted from The Anti-Burnout Journal by Bex Spiller.

How to bounce back without burning out – TEDx Warwick – February 2022

Bex Spiller was invited to TEDx Warwick’s Checkmate event to talk about how we can bounce back from trauma and bad things happening, without unhealthy coping methods such as burning out. Link will be available when the video goes up.

The anti-burnout club’s 31 days of wellness – Smiley News – February 2022

Smiley News covers The Anti-Burnout Club and our free 31 Days of Wellness Challenge in their Good Health & Well-Being Category. Read here.

Working from home: Here’s how to beat WFH fatigue if you’re not going back to the office this January – i News – January 2022

Bex Spiller shared some great tips for reducing the work from home burnout and fatigue – both in print and online here.

How to beat the January blues – by happiness therapists – Yahoo! Life – January 2022

Bex Spiller shared some of her top tips for beating the January blues, alongside some other incredible contributors, in this article for Yahoo!

Let 2022 Be The Year We Give Ourselves A Break. A Real One – HuffPost – January 2022

Bex spoke to Nancy for this in-depth article all about how we can give ourselves permission to relax in the New Year. Read it here.

Best 2022 Journals For A Positive And Productive New Year – HuffPost – January 2022

HuffPost picks The Anti-Burnout Journal as one of their top journals for 2022. Read it here.

5 NOURISHING READS FOR JANUARY – Dilli Grey – January 2022

Dilli Grey picked The Anti-Burnout Journal as one of their nourishing reads for January. Read it here.

Introducing The Watercooler, our workplace wellbeing series – Evening Standard – November 2021

Bex Spiller provided expert comment on workplace well-being for the Evening Standard in print and online

The hidden signs of burnout and what you can do about it right now – Kent Wellness Festival – August 2021

Bex Spiller spoke at the Kent Wellness Festival about the hidden signs of burnout and what can be done to combat them.

Reebok advice against burnout – Reebok & Marie Claire – March 2021

Bex Spiller advised Reebok as part of their anti-burnout campaign, which was then shared in this Marie Claire Italia article.

Better Brain Health – Top Sante – March 2021

Bex Spiller gave her expert advice for Top Sante’s better brain health feature in print.

How to make the most of the brighter spring mornings, even if you’re not a morning person- Stylist – March 2021

Stylist asked wellness experts, including Bex Spiller, how to make the most out of brighter mornings here.

The Anti-Burnout Club Launches New Well-being Programme for All Round Mental Health and Well-being – Psychreg – January 2021

Psychreg covers the launch of The Anti-Burnout Club back in January 2021 here.

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Bex Spiller has been speaking and writing about mental health, hustle culture, well-being and more for over 10 years. You can find some of her work over on Thrive, Medium, Elephant Journal, Toggl, Huffington Post, and more. See some of her portfolio here.