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Overcoming Overwhelm

Lessons: 21

Duration: One lesson per day for 3 weeks

Good for: When you’re feeling stressed, burnt out or overwhelmed. Making small positive changes.

What to expect: Short daily lessons from Bex, plus extra lessons in breath work, therapeutic tools, EFT and more. This is our most popular course for a reason! You can also add an optional physical workbook if you’d like.

Overcoming Fear & Anxiety

Lessons: 20

Duration: Five lessons per week for four weeks

Good for: When you’re feeling anxious or fearful. 

What to expect: A weekly challenge to start challenging fears and anxieties, tools and techniques, from therapists, weekly yoga, meditation, breath work, journal prompts and more.

Mindful Eating

Lessons: 7

Duration: One lesson every other day for two weeks

Good for: Making positive changes around eating habits, emotional eating and body image.

What to expect: Intuitive eating counsellor Ela Law takes you through seven lessons on mindful and intuitive eating, that will help change the way you feel about food and yourself!

Happy Habits

Lessons: 14

Duration: One lesson and one check-in per week over seven weeks

Good for: Feeling happier and creating positive habits.

What to expect: A new Happy Habit lesson with Bex to focus on each week whilst monitoring happiness levels. These habits are founded on Positive Psychology principles, too!

Hamstring Challenge

Lessons: 5

Duration: One lesson every other day for 10 days.

Good for: Moving more, stretching out hamstrings, releasing tension and strengthening your yoga practice.

What to expect: Over five lessons, Toma will guide you through this incredible hamstring challenge that will release tension and emotions stored in the body.

Breath Work for Productivity

Lessons: 4

Duration: One lesson every other day for eight days.

Good for: Feeling more productive, motivated, and finding flow.

What to expect: This short but highly effective mini course will present a new breath work technique to help us become more productive and motivated.

4 Weeks to Pilates Pro

Lessons: 12

Duration: Three lessons per week for four weeks.

Good for: Moving more, learning Pilates, and strengthening your practice.

What to expect: Take part in 12 lessons spread over four weeks with Coz. Start from beginner level and work your way through each of the classes to become a Pilates pro.

EFT (Tapping) for Beginners

Lessons: 5

Duration: One lesson every other day for 10 days.

Good for: Reducing stress or overwhelm, increasing happiness and learning EFT (tapping).

What to expect: Five EFT lessons over 10 days, including an introduction to tapping, plus lessons for stress, overwhelm, happiness and sleep.

Meet the Experts

At The Anti-Burnout Club we work with a wide range of experts from therapists through to yoga and breath work teachers. Here are just some of the experts you might meet during the courses.

Founder, Burnout Expert & Mindfulness Practitioner
CBT Therapist
Breath Work Teacher
Dr. Andre
Counselling Psychologist
Yoga Teacher
Nutritional Therapist & Intuitive Eating Counsellor
Integrative Therapist
Pilates Teacher
CBT Therapist
EFT (Tapping) Expert

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