I’m always open to showcasing podcast guests and writers on The Anti-Burnout Club, but I do have some rules! Please read through the submission guidelines before submitting a pitch for an article. You can then pitch using the form below. Please also use the form below if you’d like to be a guest on the podcast, briefly explaining who you are and why you’d think you’d be a great fit!

If your article is promotional in nature or you wish for Bex to review something, please email bex@theantiburnoutclub.com instead. Thank you.

Written Content Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing an article for The Anti-Burnout Club. We have such a great community and love input from other experts in their field to teach, encourage and engage with that community. Below are the contributor guidelines – please read them through carefully before submitting your piece.

  1. Content must be between 600 and 1,500 words long. If you feel as though you need more words, please do let me know. However, 600 words is the absolute minimum to be able to provide enough value to the reader.
  2. Work must be unique and not posted anywhere else – including after publication. If you do wish to post this elsewhere after publication then you must check with us first and use a canonical link to the original piece. Content will be run through Copyscape to ensure it is unique and not plagiarised.
  3. Please back up any claims (particularly medical) with links to references, resources, statistics, journals, etc. Unsubstantiated claims may be removed during the editing process, if we feel these do not have enough evidence.
  4. Please ensure you have read through some pieces on The Anti-Burnout Club site to get an idea of the tone of voice and the audience. Our readers are generally women from the ages of 25-45, from all over the world. They like facts, not fluff, and they want to learn something new. Many of them have suffered with burnout, stress or mental health conditions – we must be mindful of how we talk to them. 
  5. Please add value and write with a clear objective in mind (what is the single thing you want the reader to know/feel/understand after they’ve read the piece?)
  6. We do not cover weight loss or how to lose weight, ever. 
  7. Do try to include relevant media (photos, videos, etc) where possible. Make sure you use creative commons images from places like Unsplash or Pexels, or images that you have the rights to use. 
  8. All links must fit naturally within an article. Please do not use this article to promote affiliate links or as a promotional piece.
  9. You will receive an author bio which can include a link to a website and up to two social media links. This is where you can promote your business! Please include the bio and a thumbnail image when submitting your piece.
  10. All work will be edited to meet these standards before going live.