Are you ready to challenge your mindset on success, health and wellbeing? Struggling with the motivation to kick start your wellbeing? Want daily support, hype and encouragement to keep you accountable and on track? You need an ABC Challenge!

The ABC Challenges are a big hit with our members and it's what we have become best known for! Over 2,000 people have taken part in at least one challenge since January 2021 and the reviews have been amazing.

New themes for each challenge: From Overcoming Overwhelm to self-confidence, bringing together ABC and guest experts to deliver amazing classes, daily mini challenges and much more. You can take part in our old challenges below.

These challenges help us work towards a common goal, support and encourage each other and keep us focused on our health and well-being. The community is what makes these challenges so unlike anything else.

Current Challenge: Summer of Self-Confidence

We're ditching the diet industry, waving goodbye to weight loss and swapping #HotGirlSummer for #ConfidentGirlSummer.
With special guests such as midlife model Rachel Peru, body positive stylist Emily Innes, and founder of The Fatzine Gina Tonic, this summer we're roping in ALL of the experts to ensure we start loving our bodies (and ourselves) once again.
Doors are now closed for this challenge. You can still join us as a monthly/yearly member here.

Overcoming Overwhelm

Take part in our best-rated challenge and ditch the Overwhelm once and for all.
  • 15 lessons on overwhelm. What is it? Why do we experience it? And how can we dig our way out? Plus the one secret that everyone who ‘has it all together’ doesn’t want you to know.

  • 12 classes in yoga, meditation, breath work, Pilates, EFT and Q&As with therapists (all previous Lives).

  • Lifetime access - watch these lessons at your own pace, in your own time!

  • Reach out and ask any questions you have for the experts

  • Join the best community around!

Take part for $4.99 (just under £4) on the MightyNetworks app

Spring into Action

Motivation, balance, nutrition, movement and more - it's our biggest challenge ever!

Each week is a new focus: Goal Setting and Intentions, Movement, Motivation, Productivity and Focus, Nutrition and Recipes, and Mindfulness.

You'll also be able to access over 20 previous Live classes in:

    • Yoga
    • Pilates
    • Breath work
    • Meditation
    • Nutrition and more!
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What our members have to say...

I absolutely love the community Bex has created. The lessons are really interesting and helpful. I really enjoy the different themes, each one being as important as the last one! I love that Bex gets specialist experts in to help out, too. Along with the lives that happen multiple times a week it's great value for money!
The ABC is an amazing community, well run with lots of resources. Really great value for money. Bex has created something special!
Amazing platform! I love having everything in one place, they do classes in pilates, yoga, nutrition, therapy, mindset, breathwork. On top of this there’s the fb group which is a really supportive lovey bunch of people. Couldn’t recommend enough! I feel so much better mental and physically after joining.
Great resouce, a range of challenges, live sessions, workshops..... People can work through at own speed and ability... Good for the soul x